Children Songs

Want your little one to always remember to wash their hands before eating? try teaching this one song

One method of learning that is fun for children is through songs.

Besides being able to learn vocabulary, children can also memorize things easily. Not only that, the song will also make children more excited.

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Here are some children’s songs that are suitable for those who are still in kindergarten:

  1. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

This song has been very popular since you were little, right? Although it has become a very old song, it is still very popular today.

Not infrequently parents make this song as the first song for children. The song whose lyrics come from this poem is widely used as a lullaby.

  1. Alphabet Song

Children who are just entering kindergarten will begin to learn to recognize the alphabet.

This song is exactly what Moms teach them to make it easier to memorize the alphabetical order. Try singing this song every morning while taking your little one to school.

  1. If You’re Happy and You Know It

This one song is not only in the English version but is also widely sung in the Indonesian version so that children can understand it more easily.

Usually this song is used to raise the spirits of children while asking them to clap.

  1. Baby Shark

This song is very popular among children lately. With very funny movements, this song can make your little one more excited.

Not only that, this song also mentions the names of family members who will help children to get to know one by one who is in the family.

  1. Before We Eat Dik Wash Your Hands First

Not only foreign songs that are suitable for children to listen to, Indonesian songs are also very interesting.

One song that is very suitable for kindergarten children is the song Before We Eat Dik Wash Your Hands First. This song teaches children to always remember to wash their hands before they eat.

  1. See My Garden

Finally there is the song See My Garden, this song is also as popular as some of the songs above.

Many sing this song to introduce children to the flowers in the garden.

Moms can invite them to sing while playing in the afternoon. Also suitable when you want to start teaching them how to grow crops.

Those were some songs that are perfect for your little one who is still in kindergarten, have you ever taught one of them?