Kaleb Joonath One of the young singers who is currently on the rise is Kaleb Jonath. Under the spotlight, this Batak-blooded singer and songwriter whose full name is Herrel Kaleb Jonathaniel Sihombing. His name is increasingly soaring after successfully entering the Isyana Sarasvati team and is the Top 6 in The Voice Indonesia 2019.

The man who was born in Jakarta, December 16, 2000, has successfully carried music with a blend of Soul and R&B. Since his work in 2018, Kaleb's various singles have gone viral, such as It's Only Me (2020) to Now I Know (2021). The story telling in the lyrics turned out to be successful in touching the hearts of many people so that it sold well in the market.

In 2022, Kaleb again captured the public's attention by winning the Viral Song of the Year award from the TikTok Awards Indonesia. Under the auspices of the Passion Vibe label since 2020, the singer of the song Needs of the Heart (2021) was also invaded by intense appreciation and attention from his fans.

Loved Music Since Childhood

From a young age, Kaleb's interest and talent for music was obvious. He likes it when his family plays guitar to him. Seeing the talent of her son, the mother also hone the vocal skills of Kaleb J.

Growing up, Kaleb became more and more interested in R&B music. One of the musicians who had a big influence on him was Brian McKnight and Boyz II Men, who are now clearly heard in their compositions. In addition, Kaleb also mentions that Hoody; R&B musicians from South Korea are also one of his favorites.

Diligently Follow the Talent Search Event

The first talent search event that Kaleb participated in was Starvoices Indonesia Season 6. In this event, Kaleb showed off his impressive qualities until the last 34 round.

Don't just follow the event. Apparently, Kaleb had also participated in the reality show I Can See Your Voice Indonesia Season 3. In that event, Kaleb had a duet with Maria Simorangkir and succeeded in stealing the public's attention.

After that, Kaleb continued his career by following The Voice Indonesia Season 4. His distinctive golden voice made Kaleb flooded with praise.

One of them was from a soloist, Vidi Aldiano, who at that time acted as the jury. In fact, Vidi Aldiano has predicted that Kaleb will someday become a cool singer in the country.

Launch Various Interesting Works

Kaleb is indeed synonymous with the R&B music genre with a slow tempo and a confused feel that is easily accepted by Indonesian music lovers. Not only good at processing vocals, Kaleb is also known to be adept at playing the guitar and keyboard.

Since working on the Nusantara entertainment stage, Kaleb has popularized the chanting of beautiful works that are loved by the younger generation. He took Axl Giovanno and released a single titled Feels So Damn Fine (2020) which sounded catchy.

In addition, he also released It's Only Me which penetrated the market. The song has reached tens of millions of streams on Spotify. It's Only Me also occupies the top 50 songs that are often played on the music platform.

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One of the Talented Young Soloists

Moving to the end of 2021, Kaleb is increasingly recognized as a young and talented singer. He released the mini album Melancholy with a number of songs such as Now I Know, Tak Mau Alone, Meanwhile, to It's Only Me.

Kaleb's gait continues to climb and reap great success. His various singles have always been warmly welcomed by many audiences. Including the song Tak Mau Alone, which he worked on with Abraham Edo and Belanegara Abe.

Following later, Kaleb presented the song Needs of the Heart and Ends the Same. The song Ending the Same that he sang with Eclat is known to be included in the Musikini Super Hits 3 compilation. This compilation album also features other talented young soloists from Indonesia such as Mahalini, Chintya Gabriella, Nuca, Novia Bachmid, and others.

Turning to 2022, Kaleb is known to collaborate with PJ Morton for the song Please Don't Walk Away (remix). In collaboration with Rayi Putra and Belanegara Abe, Kaleb was also involved in the song Sumthin Bout Love and showed his mature vocal technique.

Meanwhile, as a member of the Wave of Wonders, Kaleb together with Samantha Pangkey released a song titled Draft Mulia.

More Existing Through TikTok

Through the social media TikTok, Kaleb has gained increasing popularity. Several cover songs that he sang managed to steal the attention of many people, such as It's You, Heaven, and also To The Bone.

Not only often create cover content for hits. Kaleb J's other musical works also have a place in the hearts of the people.

Inspired by a true story that he experienced, he also composed the song It's Only Me in 2019. It's Only Me, which was released in 2020, later sold well and was liked by young people in the country.

Likewise with Now I Know which is no less interesting. This confused song has again gone viral on TikTok. As a result, Kaleb J's name is getting bigger with an increasingly brilliant musical career.