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Differences Mp3 and Mp4 – Mp3 and Mp4 are two different media file formats. But there seems to be interest and people might think that Mp4 is a new generation of Mp3, but both are two different technologies and also different uses.

The most important difference between Mp3 and Mp4 is that: Mp3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3) is a patented encoding format for digital audio. Mp3 files are compressed data that use a 128 kbit/s setting and produce files ranging in size from 1 to 11 of the resulting data.

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Unlike Mp4 (MPEG-4 part 14), Mp4 is a container format, which can be used to store audio and video data. This Mp4 file can also be streamed over the internet.


This mp3 uses a lossy compression technique in order to reduce the size of the original audio file. Uncompressed audio files will be large and require a lot of storage space. Therefore the voice is very complex and translating it into a digital format will drain a lot of data.

Compressing Mp3 data using the 128 kbit/s setting will result in an Mp3 file that ranges in size from 1 to 11 of the original data. Mp3 files can be created with a bit rate, which can set the quality of the Mp3 to be high or low.

At this time Mp3 is still one of the most frequently used audio formats and also the standard for audio files. Most digital audio players use the Mp3 format as the standard for digital audio compression.

2. Mp4

This Mp4 is a container format, which means it can be used to store audio and video data. Mp4 files can also be streamed over the internet.

Mp4 does not have a standard encoding code for audio or video information. This mp4 is wearing

A codec that determines how an audio or video will be encoded. A very common codec for compressing audio in Mp4 format is Advanced Audio Coding.

At this time Mp4 users are increasing greatly, even various YouTube videos also use the Mp4 extension for the standard file format in every video they make.


Mp3 is an audio compression format that is used to compress or compress audio and then save it on a computer.

While Mp4 is a container format that can be used to store audio, video and also text/subtitle files. Mp4 can be used to store compressed audio and video files. Mp3 player cannot play Mp4 files and vice versa.

Well, that's the difference between Mp3 and Mp4, and I hope this article is very useful and helps you. Thank you