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An Easy and Safe Way to Download MP3 Songs from Youtube Videos Legally, No Additional Applications Needed. An easy and fast way to download MP3 songs from Youtube videos without additional applications.

An easy and fast way to download MP3 songs from Youtube videos without additional applications. Please note, MP3 is an audio or sound file whose file format is smaller in size.

So, it is usually used as a file for music or songs, even now it can be used for audio book files that can be listened to.

Because of its simple format, you can play MP3 on various types of cellphones and computers.

Then, how do you download MP3 songs from YouTube so you can listen to it during leisure time or while doing school work, right?

Here Bobo has a way to download MP3s from Youtube without any additional applications. Listen, come on!

Actually there is a video to mp3 download in an easier way using a browser, you can visit the website or Mp3 Juice (type on Google)

Download MP3 from Youtube with Youtube Music

This time it is a legal way that we can use to download videos on YouTube to MP3.

Previously, we had to subscribe to YouTube Music Premium for IDR 49 thousand per month.

By subscribing, we can listen to music on YouTube without ads and free to download it.

This platform is also a medium for world musicians to launch their newest songs.

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Here are the steps to download with Youtube Music:

– Download the YouTube Music app on Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple Store for IOS devices.

– Open the YouTube Music app.

– Search for the song you want to play offline.

– After pressing enter, a list of songs will appear in the search results.

– Click the 3 dots on the right, then select download .

– Wait for the download process to complete.

After the download process is complete, MP3 songs on YouTube Music can be listened to offline.

YouTube Music Premium users can also listen to songs even if the phone screen is locked.

Benefits of Subscribing to YouTube Music Premium

Not only can you download and listen to songs without an internet connection, subscribing to YouTube Music Premium also has many advantages.

Because, when we subscribe to YouTube Music Premium, this means we also subscribe to regular YouTube.

Some of the benefits that we can get after subscribing to Youtube Music Premium, among others:

  1. Watch Without Ads

Have you ever been bothered by ads that are at the beginning or middle of the video we watch?

Well, with a premium subscription, we don’t have to worry about that anymore, friends. We can enjoy various videos without ads.

  1. Free Google Play Music Access

By subscribing to YouTube Music Premium, you can also get free access to Google Play Music.

On the other hand, Google Play Music subscribers will also get YouTube premium for free.

  1. Can Switch Applications without Pause Video

When accessing YouTube on a mobile phone, the video that we play will stop when we will change to another application.

Now by subscribing, the video will still play in the background even if you are opening another application.

That way, listening to music to your heart’s content becomes easier, friends.

  1. YouTube Originals Content Can Be Enjoyed

Do you know friends? Apparently, YouTube also has exclusive content called YouTube Originals.

So, in addition to being able to download and listen again, we will also be presented with interesting content.

Well, that’s the way we can legally download MP3s from YouTube. Hopefully this information can be useful for friends, yes.